How to Use Video to Promote Your Pool Business

How to Use Video to Promote Your Pool Business
Promote your pool business with clever video marketing

Capturing a viewer’s attention to promote your pool business in the gilded age of social media often requires a hefty dose of creativity. And nothing can express every creative thought and facet better than a well-made video. Video marketing almost always performs higher than other forms of media and can help you share information and tell stories about your business that are otherwise impossible to do. 

According to Forbes, 90% of customers say marketing videos can help solidify their decisions when deciding which products to buy. And 64% of customers are more willing to buy or research products after watching a video about them. These statistics only scratch the surface of how successful video marketing can be for a business. 

Are you ready to make a splash on the viral video scene? Whether you’re interested in dipping a toe in the shallow end of social media posts or gearing up to dive into the deep end of content creation, you’re in the right hands. The Get Smart Group has the perfect tips to get your pool marketing strategy – and camera – rolling!

Show Off a Bird’s Eye View of Completed Pool Projects 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a comprehensive marketing plan for your business! Drone footage is a fantastic way to use sweeping, stunning aerial shots of your most recent pool builds to capture the attention of thousands of social media users and promote your pool business with some exhilarating flair. 

Aerial photos are compelling because they present your handiwork from a fresh, new angle. But drone footage gives it an element of excitement and drama that viewers crave. It’s an excellent way to create compelling video content that people want to see, furthering your online influence and sparking the imagination of homeowners everywhere.

The Classic Before and After

If there’s anything the internet can’t get enough of, it’s a good glow-up – so give the people what they want! Creating before and after videos demonstrating how much of a difference your company can make during a pool renovation can help put your services into perspective. 

Again, you can certainly still apply this concept to photos as a part of your overall pool marketing and get decent results. But videos give a genuinely 3-dimensional look at the changes and are much more impactful overall. The before and after narrative also gives you more control over how you want to present your story so you can paint your pool business in the best possible light.

Publish Long-Form Content on Your Website

While capturing attention in the blink of an eye is a good goal, so is establishing yourself as a respected and authoritative figure in the industry. One of the best ways to prove to everyone your business means business is with long-form video content. 

But since social media is all about the virality and coolness factor, it’s wise to post longer or more detailed videos on your website. Publishing longer or more educational videos on your site isn’t always a cornerstone for every pool marketing plan, but having some content to anchor your strategy is an excellent way to counterbalance the more ephemeral nature of social media posts. The more well-researched and evergreen your content is, the better; it’s the perfect panacea for those visiting your website looking for something more substantial than the sea of clickbait.

Focus on Bite-Size Content for Social Media

Posting short clips with a laser-focused point of view or story is essentially mandatory if you want to promote your pool business in this age. Shorter video content is enormously popular with anyone browsing the internet, but more specifically, the bite-size video revolution is all about mobile users. 

The mind-boggling interest surrounding short video content is why so many social media platforms are pivoting to offer ways for their users to create and share their short stories and snippets. And since these consumers account for more than half of all web traffic, honing in on a social media strategy with short and sweet video content is the smart thing for any pool company to focus on.

Take Lights, Camera, Action: Promote Your Pool Business With an Innovative Marketing Strategy

The Get Smart Group is ready for our close-up; we’re pool and spa marketing professionals passionate about providing business owners with showstopping digital marketing content. Contact us today to learn more about our approach and gain access to customized, professional, and highly shareable video content for your business!

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