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When you’re looking to purchase a new product or service yourself, what is one of the first things you do? You research it. And what holds the most bearing in your decision?

Chances are, it’s the reviews left by other customers. Too many negative reviews, and you start looking for something better.

Online-Reputation-Management-MarketAs a culture, we value the opinions of others. In fact, 82% of consumers visit a review site when they intend to buy a product (Nielsen) and 90% of consumers say a positive review influences their purchase decision (Marketing Land).


The statistics on the negative end are also intimidating (Moz):

  • Up to 22% of customers will do business elsewhere if they find one negative review article in a search engine
  • Increase those negative review results to three and you may lose up to 59% of potential customers
  • With four or more negative review results, up to 70% of consumers will purchase from someone else

All it takes is four customers unhappy with the product or service you provided and the motivation to plaster their grievance all over the internet, and your business can take a substantial hit.

That’s why reputation management is an essential part of any successful business — you have to stay ahead of it. It’s not just about responding to negative reviews to defend your company (in fact, that’s not a great idea, but that’s a blog post for another day). It’s just as important to be gleaning positive reviews — as many as possible — from your current, happy customers.

We have a proven method of helping you to manage your reputation online, including an automated text system to encourage reviews from your customers promptly and linking your account to all the social media platforms your business utilizes.

Request a free 30-minute marketing consultation with us to find out more about how our reputation management service can help you generate more positive reviews and, in turn, more customers.

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