Google Remarketing for Small Business

Google Remarketing for Small Business

Google remarketing

Do you feel like your current Google marketing is all over the place? Like maybe the good ole Google isn’t showing your ads to the right people? Perhaps like you’re playing around with Google but not getting the conversions you need?

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Well, first off, we can help you with that. But second, you need to add Google remarketing to your strategy. 

According to, Google has 90% of the search engine market share. That means that almost 4 billion of the 4.39 billion internet users around the world are using it. That, my friend, is why YOU need to be remarketing on Google. All your leads and customers are using it. 

Let’s back up for a moment. Did you read our blog explaining what remarketing is and why your small business should be doing it? Here’s a quick refresh. 

Remarketing, sometimes called retargeting, is the act of showing ads to people who have already shown interest in your business. With Google, they can see these targeted ads when they visit other sites around the web, enter a search on Google, or even use apps. We’re always talking about the marketing funnel. Often your ads are reaching people at the top of the funnel, meaning there’s a larger pool of people, but fewer of them will be interested in your products. Remarketing, on the other hand, is further down the pool, aimed at the people who we know are interested in your product or service, and are much more likely to “bite,” so to speak. 

How do we know they’re interested?

YouGiphy 9 | post (or we, if you want to pass all the work off to the coolest pool, spa, & at-home recreation marketing firm in the biz!) pick who to remarket to based on what they’ve done on your site. It’s not always about sending a retargeting ad to every single person who landed on your website, but rather identifying those who are more likely to make a purchase and targeting them specifically.

So, you probably don’t want to aim a remarketing ad at people who bounced off of your home page immediately, but you do want to design one for the people who almost downloaded your brochure but stopped. And another one for those that were comparing hot tub models. Plus, maybe one about the perks of shopping local for those that checked out your “About” page. 

How’s it work? 

Okay, don’t get scared when we say this word, but the magic pretty much happens through a cookie. We know, we know. Cookies have gotten a bad reputation around the internet, but they’re not bad guys!

Whether we call it a cookie, a pixel, or a tag, all it really means is a tiny bit of code that gets placed on your website pages and keeps track of who’s visiting. Don’t worry, you’re not going to get any personal information about them. But that little bit of code we get from Google will just know which user came to your site. And when they pop up in other places around the Googleverse, Google will know. “Hey, this is the person who was checking out hot tubs. I’m supposed to show him this ad for a free hot tub buyer’s guide.”

Here’s one more key fact to know about remarketing on Google. You can show your ads on the Search Network or on the Display Network. 

Which Google Network Should You Use?

We’re all familiar with the ads that appear above the search results when googling any term. Those are Search Network Ads. 

Display Network ads are ones that consumers see as they are browsing any of the 3 million+ websites around the web that utilize Google Adwords.

When we’re building your remarketing campaign (or you’re building it if you’re going at it solo), Google will ask us to select if the campaign is for the search network, display network, or both. We rarely select both because it’s not always a good idea to use the same ad for both. For example, if someone is actively searching for a hot tub in your area, your ad that pops up and says “Shop locally at Dave’s Hot Tub Store where we sell the #1 brand of hot tubs in the world,” is right on the money. 

But, if they’re browsing another site looking for, say, backyard staycation ideas, or reading about the benefits of hydrotherapy, your hot tub ad still applies, but different wording might be more effective. 

Now that you know how Google Remarketing can help your small business, do you need a marketing partner that can handle it all for you? We’ll help you see more conversions and make your job easier. Learn more by scheduling a free consultation


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