Segmenting Your Remarketing Audience

Segmenting Your Remarketing Audience

By now, we’ve surely got you convinced about the importance of remarketing. The wonders of building certain ads for certain visitors sound great, right? Only now you’re wondering exactly how you know what kind of ad to send to which kind of person. We got you! Here are some ideas about segmenting your remarketing audience. 

Define Your Goal

The end goal is the same, right? Convert those visitors all the way down the funnel into happy, loyal customers. But not every remarketing ad has to take you all the way to the bottom of the funnel. Some can feed leads back into different parts of the funnel. 

In fact, it’s great if many of your remarketing ads have the goal of clicks on a landing page versus form fill-outs. Once people get funneled back to your landing pages, they’ll fall into other specific audience lists and get other remarketing ads that apply to them. Also, keep in mind that even when your ad doesn’t convert to a click or form fill-out, it’s still doing a powerful task: building your brand reputation!

Segment Your Lead Audience

With audience lists, you get more bang for your ad budget. You’re directly targeting people who have already raised their hands and said, “Tell me more!”

There are so many great options for retargeting your lead audience. Here are some ideas:

  • Add value by offering a free buyer’s guide, brochure, or design tool
  • Highlight a promotion or offer a coupon
  • Pat your brand on the back. Really! If you’ve won a design award or you know your service techs or customer service team is the absolute best, mention it in an ad
  • Let others pat you on the back. Customer reviews make great ads. Also, a video testimonial could be really effective on Facebook
  • Promote your specials page
  • Remind them of the benefits of your product/service
  • Customize for local or current events. For instance, 2020 has been a great year to remind people it’s a great idea to have a backyard you love to staycation in. 
  • Get social with videos. On social media, video ads or carousels often outperform static images

Segmenting Your Customer Audience

Just because you’ve already earned their business, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to remarket to your current and past customers. For both Google and Facebook remarketing, you can import a custom list. Here are a few ways that might come in handy:

  • Cross-promote products. Think large products like, “How about a hot tub to go with that pool in your outdoor oasis?” as well as smaller items, like grabbing chemicals or water toys from your store
  • Remind pool owners to schedule their pool openings/closings
  • Promote your service team
  • Give a reminder about the perks of getting their chemicals locally
  • Highlight promotions and events your customers might want to take advantage of

When you work with The Get Smart Group, we’ll help you segment your remarketing audience to focus on all the areas where you want to see more conversions. Set up a free 30-minute consultation with us to discuss ideas!

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