How Can You Successfully Sell Hot Tubs?

How Can You Successfully Sell Hot Tubs?
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As a hot tub dealer, one of the questions you’re perpetually asking yourself and your team is how you can successfully sell hot tubs. It’s a big investment for your customers, so you want to explore the best methods to help shoppers find their perfect tub. The Get Smart Group has been helping pool and spa dealers successfully sell hot tubs since 2008, and we love to share our methods and strategies with you. We have a few tried and true ones you can incorporate into your marketing plan and 5 steps to improve your showroom sales. Let us help you learn how to sell a hot tub.

Try the steps in the order below. Notice that we recommend you build a relationship first and learn about your customer needs, then you sell. And you need a lot of prep work from learning your products to self-exploration. It is a process, and well worth the outcome. You will be successfully selling hot tubs and your customers will love the purchasing experience. 

How to Successfully Sell Hot Tubs in 5 Steps

1. Make it Fun and Get Them Involved

Remember what you are selling. Hot tubs are fun, exciting, relaxing, entertaining, and healthy. But most of all, fun! This is an exciting time that most shoppers have looked forward to and dreamed of for a long time. The last thing they want is a stuffy, boring presentation.

For a wet tub, have them put their hands in and feel the water and the jet pressure. Play with the controls. See how the lights add personality to the tub. Or better yet, offer a wet test so they can get in and soak and try it for themselves.

With a dry tub, climb in, sit, and invite them to join you. Continue your conversation inside the tub. It helps them unwind and lets their guard down. It makes the experience more casual and can help them relax in what can be a stressful environment.

Make it fun from the moment they walk in the door till they sign the contract and go home dreaming of their new tub. For a successful sale, it’s crucial to keep them happy and involved from start to finish.

2. Get to Know Your Shopper

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What do your customers envision when dreaming of a hot tub?

Play a game to unlock customer mysteries. Start by getting them to talk about themselves. Ask leading questions that direct them to talk about the information you need to know. These answers are the keys to how to sell a hot tub. You need to discover the who, why, where, and when.

Who is going to be using the hot tub? Just them, family, friends, how many, how often? Most people have already thought about this, and it is an easy icebreaker.

Why do they want a hot tub? Do they have health issues to improve? Do they want a place to relax and reduce stress? Do they want family fun time? Are they planning parties and want to have all the fun bells and whistles to make their event memorable for them and their guests? This is your key to start showing them the models that fit their “why”. This is critical information that can direct you to show them the correct model to suit their needs. If you miss this step, you may spend time pitching the wrong tub.

Where do they plan to put the hot tub? Is it in a small hideaway with limited space? Do they have a large patio with lots of room for a statement piece to finish their backyard getaway? Are they thinking of installing it indoors? This will also guide what models you show them.

When are they going to be ready for a tub? Do they need it right away? If so, you will need to show them models you have available for fast delivery. Are they just starting their planning and don’t have a firm timeline? Are they months out on their landscaping and patio and can wait? Are they ready to purchase now to get in on the great special you have going (for a limited time)? This is also a good time to mention financing options and those that are long-term or those that have a limited sale timeframe.

3. Know Your Strengths

Know your strengths in hot tub selling.
Know your strengths in hot tub selling.

We all have individual strengths on the sales floor, and we all bring a unique selling atmosphere. We can learn the same information, but how we deliver it is unique to you. So, explore what makes you unique.

Do you have a great sense of humor you can interject into the conversations? Do you know not only your own products, but all your competitors’ products? (By the way, you and your sales team should know a lot about the competition.) Do you have the ability to make people relaxed and comfortable as if they have known you for years? Think about your strengths and how you can use them to your advantage and then develop them.

4. Know Your Product

When you greet a shopper, you should have all the knowledge you need on every model in your showroom. Knowledge is king and you want to rule this realm. This is where you get to shine and have all the information they may ask for. If you are new, study, study, study. If you need help, have an iPad or laptop with quick and easy access to the model info. Use whatever tools you need to successfully sell hot tubs and have them at hand as you tour the shopper through the showroom. Encourage them to ask questions.

5. Know Your Company

Learn everything you can about what makes your company unique. Know what makes them shine brighter than the competition. There are always options out there and you want to be the only company they are thinking about.

  • Know what your company offers that others don’t: rewards programs, online shopping, wet tests, etc.
  • Know what sets you apart: years of experience in an established business, years of employee expertise, community support from a local business, etc.
  • Know where you excel: great customer service, in-house full-service department, guarantees that you stand behind, customer benefits like online water care orders, repeat business bonus programs, great reviews. All these things and more can make you more appealing than that other guy down the road.

You need to know these ahead of time so you have them at hand should a question arise. If they ask what about water care, first you tell them about the great built-in feature the tub has, then how simple it is with a call ahead for quick pick up or online order of water care products. Build these benefits into the presentation as often as possible.

Develop Great Reviews to Sell Hot Tubs

Develop great hot tub reviews
Develop great hot tub reviews.

The five steps to successfully sell hot tubs will help you sell once a shopper enters your showroom. But how do you get more people to come in? One way is to develop 5-star reviews and get great Google reviews. How to sell a hot tub becomes significantly easier when a shopper can go online and read all the wonderful things your loyal customers say about you. It gives your business credibility and people tend to believe what they read. Develop a simple way to request and show off your great reviews. The Get Smart Group offers a comprehensive program if you need help.

Strategic Marketing Plan

The Get Smart Group specializes in managing successful hot tub marketing strategies that will help you learn how to sell hot tubs. From packaged plans to programs customized for your company, we can help you get the leads and the results you want. Your strategy can include metrics, website development and maintenance, content, ads, and lead management. If you are ready to take a closer look, contact us today.

Now you are ready to start the process. How to sell a hot tub can be broken down into simple steps you can start developing now to bring successful selling into your showroom. Remember that it should be all about the customer, their needs, their desires, and their dreams. With the right, smart strategy in place, you will successfully sell hot tubs and gain lifelong customers.

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