Swim Spas: Top 4 Proven Marketing Strategies

Swim Spas: Top 4 Proven Marketing Strategies
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Proven Swim Spa Marketing Strategies

Swim spas are a unique product with a specific target demographic. Until the last few years, not many people had even heard of a swim spa. That’s changing; albeit slowly. There’s still a ton of consumer education involved in selling swim spas. Since the top selling points are luxury and limited space, target demographics are tricky. Most of your potential swim spa customers can easily afford a full-size swimming pool, and those consumers usually have the space for one. How do you move swim spas among a demographic like this?

What is So Special About a Swim Spa?

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Add luxury to any home with a swim spa

Your top demographic for swim spas looks something like this:

  • High income — usually $100,000 and up.
  • Middle age, or at least near enough to it to be invested in long-term health.
  • Active or interested in becoming active — couch potatoes go for the hot tubs. Your swim spa customers are those who are willing to invest tens of thousands on their health and fitness.
  • Needs a more compact solution than a swimming pool — either the backyard isn’t big enough or they want to devote space in the backyard to other activities, like a tennis court or garden.

Now you know who’s buying. How do you make that sale?

1. First up, a really nifty website to supplement a luxurious showroom.

Your high-income shoppers are often a strong online audience. Even if they visit a showroom to make the eventual purchase, they’ll spend considerable time educating themselves online first. Think of your website as your online showroom. You don’t attract high-end customers with a shoddy storefront in the low-rent district, and you won’t convince them to buy from you with a subpar website. Make your website easy to navigate and feature your full product lines prominently. Outstanding images and brilliantly written content are essential. Be sure that your Contact link is front-and-center, so the moment they decide to reach out, it’s easy and fast to connect.

2. Next, get that website some traffic.

The loveliest website on the internet won’t be found without good SEO, including a healthy blend of paid and organic SEO. Smart keyword selection and content only gets you so far. Good SEO is a combination of a streamlined site that loads quickly. great images, accessibility options, strong content, and smart branding. You’ll want to pay for your most crucial Google (Bing, or other search engine) ads, including your brand name and top searches like “swim spas near me.” Your organic SEO should take you across the finish line with additional keyterm searches, such as “how much does a swim spa cost.”

3. Include tons of educational content about swim spas.

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Add fresh marketing content to your swim spa website

Another fact about top earners is that they’re careful with their research. They want to know all of the answers, usually before speaking to a salesperson. Include content that fully explains what a swim spa is and how to use it. Better yet, include video of people using swim spas for various exercises, as well as kicking back enjoying it like a hot tub. Essential content also includes education about swim spa pricing, what accessories come with each unit, and what additional accessories are available. Any question you think of that people might ask, make sure content on your website speaks to those issues.

4. Sell your brand, not just swim spas in general.

Your goal is twofold: show them the benefits of the swim spa, but also prove to them why your brand is the best option. A lot of dealers just focus on what swim spas can do: help them get fit, perfect swimming technique, double as a hot tub … but fail to make a strong case why their systems are the right choice. Why did you opt to carry Endless Pools®, Artesian, TidalFit, or the brand you carry?

Along this train of thought, you also need to sell them on you. Why should a customer choose your dealership versus the folks across town? Sell them on yourself, because choosing the right dealer is as important as selecting the right spa.

We’re Ready For Your Marketing Needs

We get it — selling swim spas is tougher than moving inventory on those pools and hot tubs. Nobody has more experience marketing swim spas than The Get Smart Group. From a custom website that wows even the most discerning customer to ongoing digital marketing, including Google and Bing ads, social media ads, and much more, we can help. Great marketing has to start somewhere, so contact us and we will get the process started. We want to see the excited soon-to-be customers flocking to your virtual and physical showrooms.

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