Give your customers a peek behind the curtain

Curiosity. Some say it’s what killed the cat.

But truthfully, it’s what leads to growth and discovery, to new adventures and inventions. Curiosity is what keeps the world turning ‘round – and your customers have it in abundance. Tapping into that natural human desire to know more, and channeling it into a desire to know more about YOUR business or product, is a tried and true marketing method.

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In fact, giving your customers a “peek behind the curtain” has been around so long, it’s known as the 100 Year Old Persuasion Strategy. Look it up sometime – it’s a pretty interesting story of how Schlitz Beer went from fifth in the market to first, by making the manufacturer’s process the center of its ad campaign.

Why was this so successful, and why can the same basic strategy be good for your business? It’s simple, really. It builds trust. Whether you’re proving to beer drinkers exactly why you can claim the brew they’re drinking is “pure” 100 years ago, or you’re showing your customers exactly how much care goes into preparing a delivery of your product today, it has the same result. Customers feel they’re seeing a previously hidden part of the process. And if that part – that secret, behind the scenes stuff – holds up to what you say and show every day? You’ve built trust.

And Trust = Sales.

So how do you do it? Start by telling stories – on your website, in your social channels, in your advertising. Think about the things your customers don’t typically get to see, and then think about how you can show them. What goes into producing your product? How much care do your employees put into packaging it? Take some photos, make a video, capture the action and share the tale.

Just remember, this is about your customers, not you. Keep the focus on them, develop a strategy and you’ll knock this one out of the park. And, most likely, save the cat, too.