What to do when you can’t “do”

to do

Maybe we’re beating a dead horse here but it seems like people are really struggling to gain footing during this unprecedented and strange time in our country – in our world.

I’m reminding myself throughout each day that everything is going to be okay, no matter what happens in business, in social life, that we still have our health for now, and enough food on the table. But the reality is – that isn’t everyone’s reality. Some people are sick, and more will get sick before this is over. People will lose their jobs and their businesses, and things may be headed for a slowdown. And despite the amazing adaptability and resilience we are currently seeing in our neighbors, the creativeness that is cropping up in our communities, the joy of working with the team in our company and supporting our customers  – the truth is that things are going to keep changing for now. Today’s new normal will not be tomorrow’s. There may yet be darker days ahead.

I find myself feeling incredibly grateful several times a day, for the way our company The Get Smart Group has grown over the years, into an adaptable, problem solving, innovating force for good in the world – just as we intended and hoped and dreamed for it to be. Feeling lucky that we chose to move to a virtual environment which became our team “norm” long before this Coronavirus even took hold of our country and forced the action. Grateful for the team of people that is here with hearts to serve others, and a can-do attitude to find solutions for our customers. Grateful that despite the weirdness in the world – people who are isolated and quarantined seem to be turning to home improvement projects, pools, remodels, and home entertainment – the sector we serve. Grateful.

But we know that even if dollars are getting added to some cash registers, and certain types of businesses go on as usual, hearts may be lonely and that bank of love grown from human interaction and the daily joys of shared experiences – may be low on funds.  If you’re feeling depleted, we’d love to help.

Although at The Get Smart Group, we still have stuff to “do” every day, we are concerned and we are thinking of you. We are here to talk to you on the phone, brainstorm a solution or just tell a joke. We can challenge you to a sing off, share pictures of our dogs, stories about our kids or brag about a recipe. We can even invite you to our virtual happy hour like Linda has been doing every day on Facebook live. In times like these, little insignificant actions we can “do” might mean the difference between the feeling of isolation and the actual act of quarantine, which doesn’t have to be lonely.

Mr. Rogers said “look for the helpers” and our goal is to be here to be helpers for our community, customers and families. Please let us know if there is something we can help YOU with. Then take a moment to “do” unto others, and pass along these small acts of kindness to your neighborhood and networks.

When all is said and done, let’s hope we all can get back to business as usual. But let’s pray that these ties of kindness and connectedness can linger and carve out a permanent space in our workdays and in our hearts.

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