If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it


I was about 13, I think, when I decided to enter the local talent show. My talent? I performed Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.” I still have most of the song memorized, and I recalled a particular moment of that song as news of COVID-19 spread.

If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.

I work with so many wonderful clients (all small business owners) who’ve had to adjust their strategy on the fly. That means all of the planning our team has done for Spring… all adjusted on the fly! Problems arise, and The Get Smart Group team is working together to solve them.

The Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Industry is Resilient

Data from across the country shows that pool and hot tub interest has spiked since news of the coronavirus started making headlines. At The Get Smart Group, we believe that people who planned to spend money on vacations now want to spend that money making their backyard feel like a vacation (especially since we’re all spending more time at home now).

When that “fight or flight” part of the brain kicks in and clients want to pull back their ad budget…we look at the data to determine if that’s a good idea. In many cases, we’re recommending budget increases to meet the increased demand. Making decisions base on data, instead of emotion, is always important – but it’s critical right now.

Pool & Hot Tub Marketing Changes Means We’re Really Busy

As our team hustles to meet the ever changing demand that this climate requires, it’s been interesting to sit back and watch it all come together. Watching the team at The Get Smart Group over the last week has been incredibly enjoyable.

Becca is our Digital Marketing Assistant Extraordinaire. I’ve given her several tasks with little instruction this week. She’s taken everything I’ve thrown at her and turned it into gold. 

Sara continually thinks outside the box for our clients. She’s also an expert at Facebook, which is a fast and affordable way to reach customers right now. If you need something taken care of, Sara will get it done!

Christy has taken all of our March/April content about backyard barbecues and pool parties and changed the focus. We do not recommend deleting all of your content and hiding under a rock. We want to keep our clients’ names out there! Christy is an expert at finding the right tone of voice. 

David provides comedic relief that’s edgy enough to be funny, but never inappropriate. He’s also working killer hours making sure our clients’ Google ads are on point (and that point sometimes changes hourly in this climate). 

Jason is reaching out to current clients, and people in the industry who aren’t our clients, offering help and advice. He’s been on the front lines of a pool and spa business, and he genuinely cares about these small businesses. He’s going above and beyond to offer support however he can.  

Matthew can take a half-formed idea and turn it into a gorgeous web platform. I thought some of this week’s client requests were impossible, but he made them happen. Granted, he hasn’t slept… but that’s not the point. 

Nickie is creating beautiful images, and revamping images in our library, so we can swap ad campaigns as quickly as needed. Anyone who thinks that you just “pop a logo onto an image and call it good” needs to watch Nickie work. Facebook and Google both have strict requirements about what they will accept, and Nickie is an expert at making it happen. 

Tina manages everything behind the scenes that keep the business going. Need a report? Call Tina. Need some images organized? Tina does that? She’s skilled in just about any area of the company, and we’re better off because she’s here. 

Ben is consistent and reliable. He’s a CRM whiz who can solve every Infusionsoft problem. But his talents don’t stop there. This week alone, he’s created custom web pages, forms, and tracking tables to make our jobs easier. 

Samantha (we call her Sammy) is the newest member of The Get Smart Group. She’s been a great sport, because she’s being assigned tasks that she hasn’t yet been trained to do. But… she’s knocking it out of the park. If you haven’t had a chance to work with Sammy yet, I hope it happens soon. Because she’s amazing.

Scott seems to do some of his best work when things are chaotic. When business owners bring up a problem, Scott almost always has an answer. Check out The Get Smart Group Facebook Page for proof of that! 

Linda is making sure Scott does everything he’s supposed to do when he’s not coming up with another one of his fantastic ideas. She does a lot to keep my own schedule in line, too. Everybody needs someone like Linda in their life. 

Two weeks ago, when the world was “normal,” I appreciated our team. But now that everything has been turned upside down… I appreciate them even more. Having a team means you can rely on each other’s strengths and you lift each other up… which is especially important right now.

To each of our clients… I know I speak for all of us when I say that we’re glad to be on your team. And we’ll work together to get through this. I’m writing this on Wednesday, March 25. Things could change tomorrow. And if/when they do, we’ll be here to monitor the data and make recommendations that we feel are in our clients’ best interest. 

If you’re not one of our clients… we want to be on your team too! Let’s work together to solve problems facing your small business. Reach out and schedule a consultation today!

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