Why Online Reputation Management is Essential in This Digital Age

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Online Reputation Management is one of the most significant changes that this Digital Age has thrust upon businesses. Today’s businesses literally succeed or fail based on Google Reviews, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or other ratings and review sites. Get three stars or fewer and STRIKE! You’re out.

Stars, Reviews & Putting Food on the Table

Once upon a time, if you needed a particular type of service or product, you asked your friend, coworker, neighbor, or perhaps your mom. Today, you Google it. Yesteryear, an unhappy customer MIGHT tell 10 people about their experience. In this age, one unhappy customer can tell thousands. If enough unhappy people fill up the BBB, Yellow Pages, or Google Reviews with low scores and bad reviews, good luck getting new customers in the door.

But, there is hope.

Along with the technical innovations that allow for quick and easy online reviews comes the methods and means for managing that all-important online reputation.

How Online Reputation Management Works

The goal of Online Reputation Management is to protect your business from adverse and potentially damaging comments – including fake news. Not only is your online reputation susceptible to disgruntled customers and former employees — you’re also wide open to attacks by competitors or just any old troll who decides to attack your business. We’ve seen it. It’s not pretty.

Online Reputation Management involves a healthy mix of monitoring mentions of your brand and products across the internet — including social media sites, as well as review sites like Google Reviews and Yelp. It also involves addressing each and every potentially bad review or negative comment in a smart way. Finally, it takes finessing your online reputation so that the good reviews start flooding in, organically!

It’s a big job, but our Get Smart Foundation Package can do what no ordinary human can. Give us a call at 415-800-2040 ext. 701, or schedule a FREE 30-minute marketing consultation today. We’ll be happy to assist with your business’s Online Reputation Management.

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