Get Smart Foundation Package

get smart foundation package

Decades ago, it was rare that a happy customer would take the time to give you positive feedback. During that time, an upset customer would tell others about their negative experience, but generally just about 10 people. My, how the times have changed!

We shop differently today. Now, consumers by and large depend on online reviews to gauge the quality of a product as well as the trustworthiness. This has given rise to a new business asset owners from decades past never had to worry about: reputation management. 

It is absolutely vital that your online reputation be positive and adequately represents the level of service you strive to provide. (As well as looks as good or better than your competitors.)

That’s where reputation management comes in. Not only do you want to solicit more positive reviews, but you also need to reply to all reviews and correctly handle the negative ones. That’s a tall order for a busy business owner. You’re already busy managing your products, projects, and customers. Now you have to become an expert at managing your reputation? 

Yup, managing your online reputation is a necessity and requires expert-level dedication. However, you don’t have to handle it yourself! Here at The Get Smart Group, reputation management is part of our expertise. That’s where our Foundation Package comes in. It’s designed to give you immediate insights into the satisfaction of new customers, increase the number of testimonials you receive, plus boost your social media presence and improve your SEO over time. 

Our Foundation Package will:

  • Generate reviews from your customers via an automated text message
  • Stop potential negative reviews in their tracks
  • Help you stand out in local search with dozens of 5-star reviews
  • Is trusted by 10,000+ local business

Choose the Get Smart Foundation Package so you can take control of your online reputation! 

Request your FREE 30-minute marketing consultation and we’ll go over exactly how we can help you improve and manage your reputation.

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