Get Your Marketing Right Without Getting It Perfect

Get Your Marketing Right Without Getting It Perfect

Get marketing right from post it notes to live online

When many of our new clients first sign on with The Get Smart Group, they often brim with ideas on how to do their marketing and advertising. They are ready to get those ideas out of their heads and off that pile of sticky notes; they just need some help implementing them. That’s where we come in! And we love that you’re so excited to work with us!

However, time and time again, we’ve seen a problem surface amongst new clients where they get stuck on getting it just perfect the first time around. Whether it’s Google or Facebook advertising, blogs, social media posts, email broadcasts, whatever, we’ve met clients who very much want it to be just perfect. The problem is that it’s never perfect, so these ideas don’t see the light of day in a timely manner. After being in pool and spa marketing for so long, we’ve learned that this can be detrimental to your business. This is why we believe in getting your marketing right without getting it perfect.

Get Marketing Right By Revising on the Run

Here at The Get Smart Smart Group, we’ve come to learn the value of “revising on the run.”

What does that mean? It means we come up with the very best content and campaigns that we can, but we don’t necessarily get stuck on getting it just perfect before launching it.

And here’s why: Nearly everything that’s published online – blog posts, Facebook posts, campaigns, can be edited after they’ve gone live.

Brain explosion of knowledge

That’s right. Welcome to the world of digital media, where (most) things can be updated in real-time. 

No, this doesn’t mean we produce sloppy work. We produce the best we can, but the lack of perfection doesn’t prevent us from getting projects done.

You Never Know Until You Try

If you get hung up on getting it just perfect, no matter what aspect of marketing it is, that means your marketing strategy that you’ve been dreaming about for so long is still just that: a dream. It’s just an idea jotted down on a sticky note. And it’s not doing the work for you like it’s supposed to. It’s not out there in the world, bringing leads to your business.

That’s why we revise on the run. While we want to bring our best work, it comes to a point where you have to let go of perfection and just see if our marketing ideas perform, bad or good.

Is a Facebook or Google ad campaign not performing as well as we originally strategized? We’ll pinpoint where it’s not performing and make adjustments, like try adjusting the audience or updating an image or ad text. Or what if a blog post is not delivering the SEO we thought it would? We’ll update it with relevant keywords and the meta description.

It works the same way for a marketing strategy that performed well. What worked about that campaign? Why did that post go viral? Our goal then is to replicate that success.

However, we can’t know what works and doesn’t work for your business until we test it.

Get Marketing Right Through Testing

It’s a bit (OK, a lot) like how the scientific method works:

  1. Ask A Question/Make an Observation (with our marketing, TeamGSG often asks, “People want to spend more quality time with their families. How can a hot tub solve this for them?”)
  2. Do Research (what are the marketing trends for this product in that area?)
  3. Construct a Hypothesis (or come up with a marketing strategy)
  4. Test with an Experiment (or let a campaign go live and see how it performs)
  5. Is it Working?
    1. Yes! – How can we do that again?
    2. No! – What needs to change so it does work?
    3. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  6. Share results (we provide reports for our clients to show what is and isn’t working)

One of the most important steps in the scientific method is to test your hypothesis. You cannot prove if your hypothesis works or doesn’t work if you never test it. It is a process, and it applies to getting marketing right.

Remember: Marketing is a Process

Our goal is to get our marketing strategy for our clients right, but we know from experience that it takes revision, testing, and time. That’s how we learn. We really do want to deliver perfect results from the get-go, but that’s just not how marketing – or human nature – realistically works. So we work hard at getting it right and go from there.


Want to learn more about how we get marketing right for you and your business? Contact us today to set up your free 30-minute consultation! We’d love to work with you to implement marketing ideas and strategies.

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