It’s 2018 – It’s Time For Results!

marketing-strategy2If the New Year’s Resolution tradition is the catalyst for you to finally begin scaling up your business, so be it!

Let’s take that lofty idea you’ve been thinking about and make it into an actionable plan that produces results.

The most important part of the scaling up process is to launch effective digital marketing campaigns (The key word being effective). You need the leads, subsequent sales, and income before you can hire additional staff, purchase equipment, etc.

We aren’t talking about the occasional social media post or radio ad. We are talking about all encompassing campaigns, employing all of the latest marketing strategies and tools from Google, to Facebook, to Infusionsoft email marketing, and beyond.

In the same way that you need a team of skilled individuals that come together to produce excellent work, you need a digital marketing strategy that employs efficacious digital marketing tools in a strategic, complimentary way.

This of course requires digital marketing expertise. You must understand the nuances of Google tools from search ads to YouTube. You must understand how to use Facebook Business Manager and design successful ads that reach properly targeted audiences. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Doing these things well and knowing how best to allocate marketing budgets can only come after much experience, and training.

If you really want to tackle Facebook and Google in house – there are a lot of great virtual training sites and programs out there that have short online courses, coaching and opportunities to learn as you go for a minimal (to higher priced) monthly fee – either for yourself or your staff.  Check out Digital Marketer. They have a huge library of learning products to explore.

Stay informed on system changes – they happen every day.  There are also always great articles coming out – here is a link to an article on the 10 best social media articles of 2017. You can set up a google news alert to send you an email link to new articles on social media topics. It’s a handy way to stay informed about marketing industry changes.

Probably the best place you can start – is with a simple marketing plan. Here is an example:  

  • First – Determine your plan of attack – what venues will you be using, Facebook, Email, Google Ads, Instagram?
  • Second – Take a serious look at your current website. Is it mobile responsive? Is it easy to edit and update? Does it have lead capture forms in multiple places? (not just a contact form that never gets filled out).  If not – find a trusted professional with proven experience designing websites for your industry. Make sure they will be building you a site on a known platform like WordPress – and that it’s a site YOU own, not a site you license through their system and pay a monthly fee for.  If you need help planning your website project – call us – we do that too!
  • Finally  – Set a monthly theme for your promotions – this is called a marketing calendar. For each month of the year decide in advance which 2 ad promotions or campaigns you will run and on which venues (Facebook, Google, Email, Postcards, Radio, etc.). Determine your ad budget, set an expectation for the outcome that you are hoping for (ask us about what that should be like in a free 30 minute consultation). Before you launch the campaign, set up conversion tracking methods;  a separate phone number for each campaign, Facebook tracking pixels, Google conversion pixels, a separate email address or landing page URL that the leads will click to fill out a form. You want to be able to see how many people came from that particular campaign which is why conversion tracking is important.

Once you have those items in place, you will be able to see what your return on investment (ROI) was for each campaign you did.

What’s that you say? You’re too busy with other important duties to dedicate that kind of time to digital marketing? That’s where we come in.

The Get Smart Group team has the deep digital marketing knowledge necessary to take your business to the next level. In a couple of weeks time, our full suite will be up, running, and working for you – Reaching your target audience, capturing leads, and educating them about your business and your products.

Once the ball is rolling we simply update your campaigns on a monthly basis with your current specials, or offers of our own design based on what we know works. All the while you and your team will enjoy 24/7 support as needed and sales training as desired.

You know how to run your business. We know how to market your business. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. Together we can make 2018 your best year yet!

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