How to Sell Hot Tubs (Even During the Slow Season)

How to Sell Hot Tubs (Even During the Slow Season)
How do you sell hot tubs even during the slow season
How do you sell hot tubs even during the slow season?

Selling hot tubs is an art, and it can feel like magic when you master it during your busy season and sales are booming. But how do you sell hot tubs even during the slow season? That is the challenge many salespeople and marketing teams struggle with. When sales are good, you prep your showroom, display your most appealing products, make it visual and enticing, add some fun signage, and voilà, as if by magic the sales roll in. But what else do you need to do in the slow season, so you aren’t just sitting around waiting, and worrying, and stressing? An empty showroom zaps a salesperson’s enthusiasm and energy, and you can’t let it drag on too long.

How to Sell Hot Tubs During the Slow Season

There are two areas to consider to successfully sell hot tubs during the slow season.

The first is the magic formula for getting people in the door. For online sales, it is your virtual door. You must go above and beyond the normal showroom prep.

The second is nurturing the leads you have accumulated and getting the sale once they are there. Sounds simple, right? In your slow season, hot tub sales can be few and far between. How do you fix that so when your slow season hits, you are ready and not left at an empty stand?

To Sell Hot Tubs, You Have to Get Them in the Door

Where do I Start?

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First and foremost, every hot tub business is a bit different with different geographic markets, competitors, marketing dollars to invest, and products available. Because of this, it is important to tailor your efforts to your specific company and not work in generalities. That is why a free consultation with a marketing expert with The Get Smart Group is our most valuable first step. Anyone can learn to pull a rabbit out of a hat. But a seasoned magician can bring the entire show together. Take The Get Smart Group for example…

What does GSG do? We start by interviewing you and learning about your business. Like we said before, you and your business are unique, and we want to get to know you. Tell us how you operate, and what makes you different and sets you apart from the competition.

We evaluate your website to see where you are making the most impact in bringing in new leads and where you can improve. You may just need a few tweaks, or it may be time for a major overhaul. Do you have an effective call-to-action link on prominent pages of the site to gather lead info? Do you have a place to contact you and ask questions?

SEO is a big part of search engines finding you and we will evaluate and improve your SEO to improve your visibility. We will implement tactics to get your paid advertising mining the most qualified leads at the lowest prices.

The combination of strategies delivers more leads to your website. We bring them together in an easy-to-learn and implement CRM. Then nurture them to the point of sale and after with email drip campaigns.

And we wrap it all together with statistics and documentation you can follow and understand so you always know how your website is performing.

Grow Your Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great key to opening the door to gathering leads. People want to hear what others think of your business and your products. And yes, we have a program for that too.

Develop Your Sales Training and Procedures

Make sure you know your products inside out and every advantage and disadvantage (and how to overcome them) of every product. Set up sales training sessions if you don’t already have them. If you do, constantly keep them updated on the latest technology and advances in hot tub construction and maintenance.

  • Go to classes offered by your manufacturer.
  • View online training videos.
  • Study product brochures.
  • Learn your manufacturing websites and where to find every product you carry. 

Knowledge is one of your most effective tools on the sales floor. Make sure yours is stellar.

Know Your Selling Tools

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Having a tablet on hand with preloaded marketing materials will help you sell more hot tubs, even during the slow season.

Have everything at your fingertips when they walk in the door so that you’re ready to switch on “sales mode” at a moment’s notice.

  • Do you have videos you can refer to? 
  • Do you have an iPad or laptop charged and ready to go to show leads the models, specs, and pricing?
  • Do you have a manufacturer video playing in the background?
  • Is your showroom prepped and spotless, clean head to toe?

Know Your Websites

You can’t be effective on the sales floor if you can’t find what you want to show them on your website. Set up shortcut links to the most popular products. You can take a quick look at your website grade with a free tool like Dupli Checker to see how your website is doing and if it needs work as mentioned above.

Know your manufacturer’s websites too. Have the links at easy access and for reference for emails and texts. Their sites provide a wealth of material for your use.

Follow-up is Crucial

It doesn’t make any difference how many leads you entice if you don’t know how to follow up with them. If you don’t have a lead nurturing campaign, ask us. We have a great one we can implement. People want to know that they are heard and valued, so add some personal notes, emails, and texts into your follow-up drip campaign.

Final Steps

Add in a few of the following and you are sure to see your sales rise even when your hot tub selling season is slow.

  • Special promos.
  • Bonus for scheduling future sales now.
  • Network and partner with like-minded businesses in the backyard and home entertainment fields.
  • Hold a contest or giveaway. This works great on social media.
  • Social media adds interest and fun for people who may have missed you in your traditional advertising channels. Add lots of images and short videos.

You have to take control of your slow-season hot tub selling to bring customers to you, or you will be sitting all alone wondering who performed the disappearing act.

The Get Smart Group has a team of lead strategy experts to help you generate hot tub leads to make it through the slow season. Talk to our team of hot tub marketing experts to sell hot tubs today!

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