LowestRates.com – a Get Smart Group Customer Success Story

Lowest Rates (lowestrates.ca in Canada and lowestrates.com in the U.S.) is a price comparison site, much like Expedia or Hotwire, but instead of offering prices on travel, it compares personal finance products. The site has access to mortgage rate from over 30 banks and lenders in Canada. And, if someone is looking for insurance or […]

Don’t be Normal | Tailoring Your Brand to Your Target Market

By: Michelle L. Cramer There is some tough scrutiny passing around over GAP’s latest “Dress Normal” ad campaign. Launched in August of 2014, the campaign started with celebrities wearing “normal” clothes, doing non-exciting things. As the holidays approached, the campaign shifted to showcase some unexpected holiday interactions – such as a pre-teen boy lip syncing […]