Know Your Pool Lead Costs

Know Your Pool Lead Costs

  • How much did I pay per pool lead this spring and fall?
  • Where are most of my leads coming from: Google? Facebook? Walk-ins? TV ads?
  • Is my ad money performing well on social media, or would that money be better spent somewhere else? 

What marketing companies usually offer in terms of metrics rarely meets the needs of your sales manager and owners. Our clients want to be able to use their marketing numbers to refine and improve their marketing spend. We get that

The Value of Metrics

When you get the metrics you need on a regular basis, you can quickly hone your strategies for an outstanding pool sales season — whether you sell pools in New England, the Midwest, the vast Southwest, the Deep South, or anywhere else in this great nation. We know how short “pool season” is, and how critical it is to make the most out of every week in the season. You need a marketing team that understands what’s different about selling pools in Georgia versus New Hampshire, Montana versus Arizona.

The Get Smart Group offers one of the most powerful CRM solutions available. That’s just one of the many tools and strategies we bring to the pool marketing table. We’ve assembled a complete marketing solution. Our powerful combination of social media and digital marketing with lead capture and lead nurture programs are unsurpassed in the pool industry.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Plus, we monitor our own progress regularly and report back to you, so that at the end of any given month, we can tell you exactly how much it costs to generate a pool lead. Additionally, how many leads turned into sales, which members of your sales team is actually following up on their leads, and how many of those leads just haven’t made a purchase decision yet. Using our custom-written lead nurturing campaigns, we keep those pool leads engaged with your business over time. So, even if they didn’t buy a pool from you this season, you’ll be first on their minds when the next season rolls around. 

And our custom-written email nurturing campaigns keep your customers engaged with your company even after their pool is installed. We help bring them back to your doors when they need chemicals, a new pool cover, a tech upgrade, or a complete pool renovation. That substantially maximizes the lifetime value of all your customers. Here’s the thing, lost sales opportunities cost you more.

If all this sounds appealing, you may be interested in our Leadgic CRM program. 

What is the cost of not knowing? Feel confident spending on marketing and stop losing out on sales opportunities. Be Smart with your money and let us craft a Leadgic CRM Campaign for you that will produce results. 

Request a FREE 30 minute marketing consultation to learn more about how we can help your business generate more leads, track and nurture those leads, convert leads to sales, and maximize the lifetime value of your pool customers. Now that’s Getting Smart!

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