Google Ads for Hot Tubs That Actually Work! (And Don’t Cost Too Much Per Lead)

Google Ads for Hot Tubs That Actually Work! (And Don’t Cost Too Much Per Lead)

You’ve been running hot tub ads on Google for awhile, but you’re not getting a great return on investment. You really need to be getting more hot tub leads from these advertisements. But how? Our Google ad expert, Zach, has some great advice on creating Google ads for hot tubs that actually work.

You’re Overthinking Your Google Ads

Hot tub ads on Google aren’t as scary as they may seem. These ads don’t need as much thought as you’re putting into them. When you’re advertising hot tubs, you’re probably trying to make yours seem like the absolute best. Sure, you know that you sell the best brand of hot tubs around. But, a customer isn’t going to know the difference between any ordinary hot tub and a Jacuzzi® brand hot tub. 

With Google ads, your goal is to get the customer to see it and click on it. You want to keep it simple. Use “hot tub” as your keyword, not “Jacuzzi hot tub”. Once the reader clicks on the link to your ad, they’ll be able to find out the difference between Jacuzzi and big box store hot tubs from your site and from talking to you. But you don’t need to include all of that information in an ad. The trick is to think like a customer when writing Google ads for hot tubs, not to think like a salesman.

Tricks to Get More Clicks on Your Hot Tub Ads

Even when you’re thinking like a customer, there are still a few tricks you can use to get more clicks on your Google hot tub ads. First, use the words “Get” and “Your” in your hot tub ads. Statistically, ads with these two words in the titles get more clicks than words without them. These words personalize the ads and encourage the customer to take action. It really does work.

You also should fill everything out on Google Ads (yes, even if it’s not required). For example, there are 5 fields for possible descriptions in Google Ads. Fill every single one out. It may seem tedious, but the little things you do to fine-tune your hot tub ads really “ad” up.

Lastly, make sure to optimize your ads! Like we mentioned before, to run Google Ads for hot tubs that actually work, you need to think like a customer. So, you need to optimize your ads to what a customers search for. Google Ads has an entire section for you that shows what your target audience is searching for. Find out if this lines up with the keywords you’re targeting, and adjust your ads as necessary.

But Does This Really Work for Google Ads for Hot Tubs?

Why should you trust us? After all, you probably just clicked a link on Google and don’t know anything about us. The Get Smart Group specializes in digital marketing in the pool and spa industry, and Zach (who’s providing these tips) is an expert in all things Google and SEO. When we help businesses with their Google Ads strategy, these are the first things we look for.

If you still need help with Google Ads or any other monthly marketing management, schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us! We would love to manage your marketing and help you sell more hot tubs.

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