It’s show season!

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Certain things happen this time of year. Temperatures begin to drop. Leaves fall from the trees. (Well, in most areas of the country.) Smoke rises from chimneys and the scent of woodsmoke is in the air. Our thoughts turn to the holidays (even though most of us don’t want to admit it), and winter coats come out of hibernation.

Yep. It’s show season.

showtime live

Sure, for the rest of the country it’s time to think about pumpkin pie, raking leaves and cozy evenings by the fire. But for us, it’s time to help our clients drive traffic to every show they’ll attend this season, and to “wow” all those potential customers when they get there.

Lucky for us, we’ve got this in the bag.

Using proven techniques in information gathering, asset development and online strategy, The Get Smart Group focuses our talent, expertise and resources on what your business needs to achieve show success.

We work closely with you from the start to generate ideas for your show and develop all the creative. We make sure you sign off on everything before we take the campaign live, from targeted online ads to custom website landing pages and a custom phone number.

Once we’re up and running, we’ll help you track call leads, follow-up leads automatically using our Infusionsoft CRM or an email system, and create a custom form so you can capture leads on a tablet computer at your event.

Smooth. Easy. Slick. And no lost leads.

When the show is over, we’ll meet with you to review the results of the campaign. What worked? What could work better? Let’s talk about it, and learn from all of it to make the next campaign even better.

Then, when the trees have that first blush of green, when tulips and paperwhites are just beginning to poke through the fallen leaves still scattered on the forest floor, when the winter coats return to hibernation and the rain boots make their annual appearance, you’ll know what time it is.

That’s right. It’s pool-digging, spa-installing season. And thanks to that successful show, it’s gonna be a busy one!

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