Website Design

Everyone needs a website.  The trouble is, few people know what their website should look like, what it should do or how it should operate.  That’s where we come in.

We don’t want you worrying about making sure your HTML is compliant, whether your site is optimized for search engines or mobile – or what in the world FTP and CSS mean.

Here at The Get Smart Group, we’ll build you a first class web presence that compliments your business where it should and doesn’t try to do what it shouldn’t.

Some examples of websites we have built recently:




Over time, we have gained much experience in creating, implementing and managing both traditional and new media channels.

Our expert area of marketing focus is  relationship based marketing and sales of high end products and services such as RV’s, Hot tubs, Swim Spas, Yachts, Golf Vacations, Legal Services, Medical Spas, Organization Memberships, Large Buildings or Custom structures & Real Estate investment.  These are just some of the industries we have assisted.

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We offer the following marketing services: 

Graphic Design – branding, collateral materials, mailings, ads, web design

Social Media Campaigns + ongoing management

Google, Youtube, Facebook ad design & management

Marketing Calendar Planning

Radio & Video Project Management

Email Design & Broadcast

Content creation for websites, email & mailing followup campaigns

Custom CRM Implementation

Customized Sales & Marketing Training


Corporate Level Consulting we offer with our strategic partners

Improving Corporate Communications

Implementing VirtualCollaboration & Improving Team Dynamics

Enhancing Organizational Efficiency

Process Consulting



With Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation software, everything you need to get more customers, grow sales and save a whole lot of time is right at your fingertips. It’s your small business CRM, e-commerce, email and social marketing solution all in one place.

Why is infusionsoft a better CRM for your business? 

We’ve been using and customizing infusionsoft for years for our customers. The majority of our clients are entrepreneurs and small business owners with 25 or less salespeople on staff and 10 or less locations. There are a lot of copycat CRM systems trying to do what they do, but Infusionsoft is still the best platform on the market for small business. Period.

  • Ability to Automate & create extensive email campaigns, mobile responsive email broadcasts & email templates
  • Tracking lead activities and notifying sales people when certain activities occur – email opens, link clicks, etc.
  • Effective and customizable webforms for converting site visitors more effectively to leads
  • Insights into user activity such as web page browsing, email opens, interest in specific pages or lead magnets
  • Customizable sales funnel pipeline reports – so you can track how many leads you have in EACH stage of the sales process and watch the progress of each member of your sales team as they process their leads
  • Built in Reporting tools to show you the sales team performance, effectiveness of your email marketing, ROI on your digital advertising and where you should invest more time, training and money to get more sales.
  • Open API system works with HUNDREDS of other helpful plugins & apps on the market
  • Integrates with your merchant account & helps manage your online store purchases & email campaigns
  • Cloud based software allows you to login and work from ANY device connected to the internet from any location.
  • Low monthly cost
  • Built in Get Smart Group tech support, in person training & virtual training courses

Call us to learn more about how we can customize a CRM platform to help you convert & capture more customers this year. 415-800-2040 ext 701

graphic by Andrew Utley 

Get Smart Philosophy

Our Goal is to help entrepreneurs sustainably grow their businesses while maintaining a work-life balance. We want our clients to reach their full potential while leveraging technology, the internet, relationships, networks and the tools you have available to increase productivity efficiently.

We believe that true fulfillment has less to do with money and power and more to do with remarkable accomplishments, commitment to community, ethical leadership and making the achievement of your full personal and business potential a reality.